Diving Board - collab. with Bryony Hussey

Flags made in collaboration with 

Bryony Hussey

Flags made in collaboration with

Bryony Hussey

Flags made in collaboration with 

Bryony Hussey

Current Projects 

D/A/D – a long term project involving various pieces of moving-image work, including interviews, poems and hidden-camera pieces, D/A/D revolves around our preoccupation with the shifting landscape of masculinity when viewed through the lens of our paternal relationships. This piece has no prescribed end as it will shift and grow as our relationships with our fathers change and evolve. Eventually, an archive of material, both naturalistic and abstracted, will be collated and inserted into our collective histories. A preoccupation with the egotistical nature of self-history, and its intersection with testosterone makes this a hard project to quantify.

FAXWORX 3 – a piece of performative supervision, FAXWORX 3 involves the modification of a fax machine, in order to run two double loops of paper over a sculptural wooden support. Testing what the machine is capable of, this piece encompasses ideas of physicality, noise and destruction, with an image being repeated on one set of looping strands of paper, thus repeating the image until it becomes completely distorted, while the other loop acts as a placebo, making the machine think new work is being continually fed in. FAXWORX 3 aims to upset the dichotomous relationships between artist/medium and creator/destroyer, while engaging with Marxist ideas of use-value and commodification.

MERCURY/RAM. A mixed-media piece comprised of a Super8 moving-image piece capturing drain-cover designs from a number of repeating angles, and a live noise performance using a remodelled guitar, the body of a 16mm Cine Camera, hand-held tape Dictaphones, and digital and analogue looping technology. This piece aims to both entice and alienate an audience by entering into the ongoing conversation about The Uncanny and The Everyday. To be performed later this year. Experiments and enquiries into vision-mixing and loop creation are ongoing.


Super8 visuals by Mike Davies, Poem fragment written and recorded by J Hatton


Written, directed, filmed, edited and screened within a 6-month period, STARK is a portrait documentary about a poet and occultist, Phil Stark. By using a variety of visual languages, utilising both 4K and DV, we aimed to subvert the received modes of documentary filmmaking. Also utilising techniques such as Cinema Verité to break the fourth wall, we wanted this film to provide a basis for conversation about the boundaries of the genre, and how the future of documentary filmmaking can be shaped through experimentation. These conversations took place at a number of Q and A events. 


Mixing two strands of self-reflexivity, this filmic work, created using both digital footage and analogue re-filming techniques, portrays artist and tool in a new guise. Using a sculptural wooden support to create a feedback loop of thermal paper, a fax machine becomes a moving surface for projection.


HD visuals by Mike Davies, Poem written and recorded by J Hatton


Filming & Editing by Mike Davies, Performance & Sound by J Hatton


Filming & Editing by Mike Davies, Sound & Editing by J Hatton

Mind Into Milk

Visuals by Lawrence Peffers, text by J Hatton

Happy Birthday, KS

Visuals by Lawrence Peffers, text by J Hatton


Visuals by Lawrence Peffers, text by J Hatton

DYSLOOPS - This collection of moving-image pieces was a peripheral project made from B and C-reel from other collaborative and individual projects. Through pooling our audio-visual resources, we created an online gallery where each film or gif can be viewed individually, or as a larger multi-format piece, giving the audience agency over their viewing. Playing with ideas of dystopia, freedom and the self, this project was an experiment with alienation, both of the artists from themselves and between artist and viewer.

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