A project that spans 16mm filmmaking, 120mm and 35mm photography, works on paper, digital artworks, painting and sculptural objects, CANAN is primarily a body of mixed-media moving image work surrounding the life and times, both real and imagined, of the 1986 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, James M. Buchanan. The project revolves around a 16mm film made in collaboration with Mike Davies

CANAN: Liberty or Life - The link between ecological destruction and the Free Market are explored through three episodes: self-discovery, self-questioning and self-immolation. It casts a glance at these polarised topics that blur the line between biopic, info-tainment and surreal dreamscape. We follow the protagonist, a phantom apparition of the economist James Buchanan, who's theories rested in a complete faith in the Market to create a fair and free world. This is his confrontation with the resulting 'Freedom' and it's consequences on our environment.

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